Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:

Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:
The visible allows us ALL to believe with hope in our future. Unless you insist on SHAKING HANDS.�� w #God? #TIME‼️

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer
End All Suffering on Twitter: Watching us again fail to SEE Medicare for All / Single f-ing Payer!

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon
You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per month.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Stop making people wrong!" Mother Would Say

Me, making George W. Bush wrong in NYC, in 2003.

Me, making people wrong and loving it.
While rocking out in 1999.

"Stop making people wrong!" Mother would say. But I was born a critic and further forged as a skeptic as the primary school years progressed. Then the MAGA's came along in 16, and I couldn't help myself and I now had the internet. So they've not budged in 2.5-yrs at 39% approval.

In the long view of a time my mother was right; in time the target of your criticism and blame will refuse your corrections, your solutions, and advice, because the delivery was casting wrongfulness on them. They plant themselves in whatever behavior, of any activity and stay.

The rest of you can heed these words, I'll keep trash talking Trump and any asshole lacking in brains who assisted him in taking our highest office with lies and deception on an audience of people too busy to find the real information.


By the way, the sad truth is that a vicious cycle is in place. It has causality in Trump's voters' inability to have found the facts and then reason them. A half irony is that is the very factor that allowed him to bamboozle them. And because we've allowed two information universes in our news media, they'll never find the truth. Further, because we make them wrong, with our memes, commentary and generally hateful theme that runs on for years (because Trump is Trump, he keeps going), we are stuck with Trumpian reasoning (the void of) for at least two generations, and that’s about 90-yrs. 

In the late of the 2016 election, Bernie Sander's fans were firmly behind “free college for all.” And had that same call for that ethos been listened to in the 1960s and 1970s the MAGAs would not have been fooled by a lying Carnival Barker. A clown.

#freepress #1A #FirstAmendment

Thursday, August 16, 2018

In the Language of Gun Control the Truth Can Set the Gun Control Debate Free for Progress Nationally

W/o permission
(non commercial use)

After engaging in both the process of debating with a gun enthusiast and the thought process of the searching of the soul, for one's positions of morality within the many nuances of circumstance and time, 1 of the first things a new gun control advocate learns is to never indicate you would want people's guns banned. That invokes a hostile rhetorical attack immediately and raises NRA membership levels and so more propaganda spending.  Another matter is that to say so is seemingly grandiose, given we're talking about more than 150-million (likely) guns in private ownership in the USA.

Let’s be honest:

I don't go to that soft landing in the debate over life and death because an ethic to stand for is that we want all to feel as safe in public, or on the street as we do from fatal attack in our own homes. I don't want anyone in my house to have one, suffices I don't want you to have one either at the mall, the movie theater, a lounge, or in the car next to my own. There's no end to public places I would trust Joe Stranger with a firearm. I won’t be a hypocrite, I know that civilizations can control consumer products that are dangerous to all. And I know they have a word like ours that describes that societal behavior “ban.”

You can attempt gentle moderation but being truthful in the guns debate does not harm the pace of legislation one bit. A past time standard to expect is that a political candidate who is carefully watching their language must not tell this truth in the gun control debate. But I think voters are ready for flat out getting it over with, saying what must be. In full streetwise knowledge that you can't stop a small product from being carried out into public space. Fully aware that as an inevitability toward a goal of all being safe from gun violence, that yes a ban is necessary and it will have to be broad, or we'll never see an end to the barbaric ability of one shmuck to raise his hand and point at someone and kill them in a second. 

In whole the gun control debate is about public safety, that means all open space and guns are carried out of private homes every minute. The private is the public domain when the product is easily transferable to the later.  Try operating a  .... you name it of dangerous activities in your house that can be used to harm others there or when you take it outside the home.  We can't be hypocrites in this debate, and the truth will set our debate free.  

And the Bandaids go on:
“If you don’t deal honestly with the issue of guns, you’re going to start throwing Bandaids at a much bigger problem.”

-Fred Gutenberg, father of murdered Parkland high school student, Jamie Gutenberg, 8.22.2018.  Context: the Education Secretary’s announcement that it is being considered that US funding go toward arming teachers in schools.

Right, this very much seems like a Trump administration, pro-Trump voter Bandaide - or, a thin patch over a gushing wound. However, I did spend years of advocating Bandaids; waiting periods, robust background checks, elimination of military weapons in civil society and etc..  All that time I remained honest about how I feel if asked.

Did I want to “ban all guns,” in the 1990’s when I performed, almost constant advocacy for gun control? Yes and not telling the opposition this was only because I was busy on the legislative action of putting “Bandaids on a much bigger problem.” I presumed naively that in the USA political system making small changes would influence a consensus and eventually result in federal (coast to coast) well reasoned and firm laws to regulate a consumer product designed and used to kill. 

All these small things we do that make sense, like a new gun waiting period for cooling off are done as Band Aides to address a much bigger problem; legal sales of guns to citizens and protecting their privilege to own them. He dare not say “ban…” in his language. If he did, he would not be invited to speak on the issue on national television, he would be considered a radical and he’d be honest.

Nearly all of the many patches on gun sales and distribution have passed and failed and have been turned into feckless law. Mostly, because our nation’s structure is really of 50 nations without physical borders between. It’s a culture war and I’ve been trying to tell other advocates this for years. It’s a deep seeded misguided civil ethic. You can begin with being honest. 

I’m 90% sure, Mr. Guttenberg does not want them in his home, or on the street in the public where he wants himself and his family to be as safe. And so the psyche becomes its own hypocrite, and tiny Band Aides get pasted throughout the land, each effective to a small degree, and never addressing a “much bigger problem,” and the blood bath proceeds as these consumer products travel with people by all means. 

James Gray Mason, ARR 2018.

I BOYCOTT FACEBOOK, please follow?

#Guncontrol #enough #everytown #FucktheNRA #GunBans #ban
hmm Titles:
A Soft Landing for the New Gun Control Activist is Not Banning
The Language of Banning Guns; The Truth Can Set the Gun Control Debate Free

My relationship to the gun control debate:

1992: I entered the Prodigy "online" community and took an anti guns position and began debating with several fervent guns enthusiasts, including the later author of More Guns Less Crime, who I can confidently state, learned what to not write in that book from losing an online debate with me. 

1993: I am fully in contact with my biological father and learn that 1-year past, I had had a sister of 19-yrs old, and she was murdered in her bedroom, by her estranged ex-boyfriend (a High School sweetheart). She was shot thru her head. The father had to clean up the room and the walls. A family shattered. Tina was gone and I have only a couple of pictures and no other memory. 

1994: While in college, I conducted a letter and newspaper editorial writing and public protest, that was successful in causing my city council to ban the use of a public convention center in Salinas, California by the Wild West Gun Shows, or any traveling gun shows in the future. I was hated again, but now locally. During that time in California, I touted defiantly my Handgun Control Bumper sticker, that caused more than one altercation of loud yelling in public parking lots with men in trucks. 

1995: I write in raw HTML the first ever pro-gun control webpage, and it remains the only anti gun www page until 1999 when Handgun Control finally makes a World Wide Web page. In 2002 I closed my webpage after several moves across the country.  During those years I received email death threats, at the least a dozen “Watch your back Mason!” was a common one liner. I reported those threats to the FBI, but they were “not really set up to handle digital crimes at this time.”

Present: I have never stopped advocating a civil society and guns in the hands of civilians is a failed idea. I will never accept that the founding fathers meant for the second amendment to the Bill of Rights to be intended as anything other than the assurance by decree that the new States of the former colonies would have full autonomy over their own "well-organized militia/s .." That was the purpose, that was understood, and that intent was upheld for over 200-years, until a corrupt Justice of the Supreme Court (See NRA and Antonin Scalia) chose to interpret otherwise. At a time when Americans were screaming for change in the other direction due to the lies and propaganda committed by a Washington lobby that began in earnest with their bullshit regarding the amendment only about 45-years ago (in Scalia's days), our conservative court went backwards, behind the year 1787. It was a modernist interpretation by judges who had hypocritically called themselves Strict Constitutionalists, it was lobby and money that changed the minds of more than one of those cobwebs.

James Gray Mason, ARR 2018 

The #guncontrol #activist may say:
“He wants to ban #guns! Yikes! He’ll ruin our gentle approach that keeps us feeling safer, but results in futile half measures for decades and decades. Stop Mason before he tells the truth!”

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Housing Costs are Out of Control

Wow; real estate pisses me off. Families are dependent on value increases for necessity such as retirement, to borrow on that value, to live on. It's a huge WTF, when morality is considered.

When I see what's happened in my old home state, California, I'm broken hearted. I had left because a mortgage could not be afforded, because the tech bubble burst in 2000. 3 recessions have burst my bubble in my prime years. How the fu_k did we get here? Answer: greed.

Materials to build homes rot as all objects created by humans on Earth decay. So why does a house cost more when it’s been used by some other family? A home should lose 10% of value the moment papers are signed. A new home should profit its creator/owner no more than 15% = good profit. No housing cost increase should exceed the cost of living.

Real estate is bullshit, and so is capitalism. We are supposed to care for the land while we live here temporarily. No human can truly own land.

I'm going to prove that is so. Just you wait - you greedy bastards.

Tuvok. This would be a good home, with a little more digging and some wood, maybe some concrete? I dug this hole on someone else's "property." That person has 1 home on this land, he built for his daughter's family. There are about 8-acres here, I created my little campsite on its edge. The hole will sit there for decades, pretty much unnoticed by anyone.  If it were just about 5x this size, I think me and my dog can live here?

Your worst nightmare, real estate assholes.
And for all unwilling to change.

See more amazing threats to greed:
And and and - the write in candidacy for (an ass kicking) president of the United States.

#Housing #AffordableHousing #Rent #Mortgage #Greed #California #JerryBrown #CADemocrats #DemocraticSocialist #TimeTravelWish #Sol3 #JamesGrayMason mf's.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Trump, and We Are the Most Dangerous Nation

Trump shakes the puppet master's hand.
Image borrowed from Vanity Fair,
 but like a photo of the Washington Monument, 
it belongs to the American People

Titles: Trump and We Are the Most Dangerous Nation
Or: We are in Crisis, and Congress Must Take Control of Donald Trump before He Begins WWIII

If I were Rohani (Iranian leader), I’d attack a private vessel in the Gulf of Oman. It would have to belong to a nation that Trump has insulted and separated us from recently, that would cause a delay in American reaction (Trump has a personal fear of causing WW3, (but he and Kushner are convinced they are the bringers of an Armageddon type, historic international collision).

If I were Rohani, I would order an RPG attack from speedboats. For a surprise and a quick getaway.  The choking effect of the Persian Gulf waters would drive oil to $100/barrel, and be a great temporary cash boom for both Iran and Russia, and all middle east oil extractors.

A strategy is no longer something that a nation can plan for, more than 2-3 steps ahead, because there is too much unpredictability now.  I fear that like us now, the Iranians can only expect so much, and we take a gamble in a game of chance beyond step 1.

I want the United States Congress to do their job and check the Administrative branch and takeover international security activities with votes and not opinion broadcasting and stalling. Because Trump is so obviously dangerous; he makes the United States The Most Dangerous Nation - beyond doubt more likely to destroy cities than Kim Jong-un or Iran or Pakistan or Russia. This president is authoritarian by his very biology and so (unlike presidents of the past) will have no proclivity to ask Congress to democratically decide the fate of thousands and perhaps millions to billions before launching us into a quagmire beyond any Afghanistan, or Vietnam tangled web of warfare that we have known. The Congress must take control.

Worse, the political culture in the USA has become poisonous, with separated media funnels to the people, we may have such internal strife that we cannot defend ourselves, or diplomatically resolve essential and complex (more so by the month that Trump is in office) security issues. 

I believe that Mike Pompeo is discovering what Rex Tillerson has, that the confusion and seemingly chaotic state of the Oval Office and the West Wing makes diplomacy, that must have clear communication, almost impossible. Pompeo may resign, or more likely the public presentation will be his firing. It all depends on the emotions of a manbaby.

Author Google:
This profile too. NOT on FACEBOOK, because I have pride in the USA.

James Gray Mason for End All Suffering (himself - lol!)

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#dictators #fascism #Iran #Russia #MiddleEast #Diplomat #USDOS #amwriter #opinion #JamesGrayMason #endallsuffering

I Will Fight for the Faithful's Right to Practice but Never to Receive Validation from My Government

Mostly notes thrown down. Sorry anybody, I've been very busy with another project, now a job. 

04.02.2020 IN THE CORONA VIRUS BAILOUT of Trillions, there is BAILOUT cash for FAITH based organizations. ANOTHER BLATANT OFFENSE to the very SPIRIT of the First Amendment. My GOD!!!
Don't they solicit donations?? That means the money for the people would go to the anyway, if their faithful wanted to. And, it brings them closer to the Federal Government, VIOLATIONS!. 

 #USA claims #ReligiousFreedom, because religion is protected, to be free form a government that restricts the ability to PRACTICE. I WILL FIGHT for the faithful's right to practice, but NEVER to get validation from the government. "SHALL NOT RESPECT an ESTABLISHMENT of RELIGION." #1A

Beyond the bullshit / the real issue / what happens: Christian conservatives were formed as that political label because a fringe activist element of American Christianity became collectively disrespected (the feeling of disrespect). because they did not see their government validating their beliefs (because the American government is NOT supposed to).

They witnessed culture not doing so, regularly, and the freedoms of the Bill of Rights meant they were not allowed to discriminate or teach the Bible in school, or refuse a gay wedding cake if they want a public business, or... on an on and on, they have not stopped trying to make America Christian.

We are not supposed to have a national faith. We are supposed to ALLOW freedom to practice to ANY religion. Never allowing the appearance of a government that favors any one faith. The first amendment of the Bill of Rights is clear, unlike many others, it is adamant that the US government not pander to any religion.

We fucked this up badly. The founders were not clear enough, apparently, for those whose feelings of faith appear to be disrespected. They are LUCKY to be here, where their ability to practice is never restricted. Google:
This profile too. NOT on FACEBOOK, because I have pride in the USA.

#1stAmendment #BillofRights #Chrsitianity > #AmericanChristianity
#Freedom #ReligousExpression #History #democracy #JamesGrayMason #EndAllSuffering 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Christmas Time is War on Christmas Time So Let's Call it the Former?

Of course, this short essay is 4 months late! It's objectively late.

#WaronChristmas a #hmm solution from End All Suffering (James, aka me):

“Christmas time.” Can be a habitual term that includes Christ’s name without objection. It can be objective and or have meaning in personal context to each who would use it.  

Because time knows no subject; it only reacts to object difference. Neutral to subject it can remain consistent as its river flows.

“Merry Christmas time Bob!”

Considering, to those who care about its meaning, the term should remain meaningful. 

Conversational references and signs of an announcement, or of pleasant greetings of Christmas (aka the Holiday Season (religious)), if only referred to in the context of #time allows Christ’s name to be used abundantly.

History and spirituality are important. Respect for these concepts is what we all want. This is a way for Christianity to feel less subject to “politically correct” offenses to modern (secular) culture.

If it could become a habit in culture, I think this could be a positive way to deal with our differences in practice and belief. And more so our commonality. 


#Kwanzaa #Jesus #Christ #JesusChrist #Hanukkah #ChristmasTime #time 
#Sol3 #TimeTravelWish #JamesMason #JamesGrayMason #BlackFriday #USA #Consumer #FreeSpeech #1A 

Friday, March 30, 2018

I Know What I'm Talking About - All Neanderthals Are The Same

Comedy in the hope of presenting bigotry and racism as it may be if the Neanderthal had survived to live beside us, or god forbid near us?!

Apparently new evidence indicates they mated with modern homosapien. Imagine that!

I know what I’m talking about! Neanderthals don’t know what merge means: they’ll stop at end of the highway entrance ramp and wait, then jump out into the right lane and screw-up everybody . .
#comedy #bigotry #racism

You can always spot a Neanderthal at the airport; they’re they guys standing in the middle of the Drop Off lane in front of the terminal and kissing for 10 minutes. They’d hump in the bathrooms if they could! Animals, really.

I know what I’m talking about! Neanderthals are the guys holding-up the movie theatre line because they’re trying to get a Senior Citizens discount and claiming they don’t have their f-ing ID’s.

I know what I'm saying.

Neanderthals: They all want to have lots of kids. It’s one of the reasons they went extinct, the stress. Sometimes you’ll see em 6 or more in a van, hogging up the carpool lane, watching tiny movies.

I know what I’m talking about!
All Neanderthals hide their typical neanderthal small foreheads with comb overs or big hats and think they can run things but always fu_k up and file bankruptcy.

The thought of homosapiens having sex with #neanderthals is disgusting. Hairy limbs and fingers intermingling with our people's flesh! These #archeologists are trying to rewrite history with their physical evidence. I say BS!

I know what I’m talking about!
Neanderthals all park their cars at f_ked-up angles and expect the next guy to begin the trend to straighten-out the parking lot.

A Neanderthal approaches a problem presuming the effect is a cause of the issue. They’ll write and say things that rationalize a solution that does very little to stop the problem’s cause. Like #DonaldTrump, most #conservatives and #Republicans. #comedy

One more thing I almost forgot: Your basic #Neanderthal cannot stand to be near peanut butter. Because peanuts grow in one place out of the ground; that freaks them out. They’re nomadic; the primary reason they’re all dead. #comedy #racism #bigotry

James Gray Mason.

#SoundCloud +SoundCloud