Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:

Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:
The visible allows us ALL to believe with hope in our future. Unless you insist on SHAKING HANDS.�� w #God? #TIME‼️

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer
End All Suffering on Twitter: Watching us again fail to SEE Medicare for All / Single f-ing Payer!

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon
You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per month.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Loving Your Land and Homesick from Spacetime

Early Snow on Hillside
Gray Jacobik

Do you feel a biologic attachment to the land you call home? Stay long enough and you likely will. If you know the new known state of time and the geology of what you call “My homeland,” you may be biologically subject to feeling more comfortable there - in that time and space.

It may not be the time away, or only a longing for others that draws you home. A factor in our experience is that our time on Earth is a different experience depending on where you live. Identifying this as practical theory (i.e. we see it work / prove its effect) is a tool soon within our grasp.

Hypothetically, your experience of time is affected by gravity density of mass in your environment and you are adapted to living at that location. You are certain that things just don’t seem as comfortable anywhere else. You’ve come back home before and have validated this is true.

At the macro this difference is measurable now. Here on Earth we only can feel the micro gravitational differences we have been living with, sometimes fighting over, that are yet to be distinguished as different experiences to our minds.

Time will tell because measurements across it that are long (to us) give us more true data and the river is long and it flows to the see.

Go live on any other world and within years your homesickness will manifest as physical and you’ll get your most likely cancer and die. In the long term of being away from our adopted land, we may notice this illness, this difference of an adapted biologically translated experience of the nature of time.

For many of us, missing the faces and sounds and feelings of the company of others and loved ones is necessary for some extended time, to realize the strong force of human company and of love, but that unforgettable longing may only be a factor. You may be certain that that love holds you home, and may  cause you to associate the geology and atmosphere, the trees and all the land with that human bond to others. Unless a person accustomed to a consciousness that has adapted to being alone.

That person would be a choice in an astronaut program of long term space flight. And of ambassadorship, even if accompanied by many humans, to another species’ homeworld. But even he may experience displacement in time and space so far by linear measurement that he will feel more than a bit more uncomfortable the more different his time and space becomes from home.

James out!

"Protect my homeland forever. . " As written in the Sound of Music, as the Nazis were taking over, occupying a peace, displacing those opposed:

ARR James Gray Mason, 2017. End All Suffering, 2017. Time Travel Wish - forever.

Edelweiss, from Sound of Music: Ahhh . . . home . . .

Image: commons, Austria view of the Alps.
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Friday, July 21, 2017

The Devil's Leg Building in Manhattan gets Roasted

1) I'm pretty sure this Devil's Leg building sprung forth from the center of the Earth around 06.06.06.

2a) $5 says you can’t find 3 #Catholics in this building.

2b) Or anyone who’s seen the Exorcist.

2c) $10 says you can’t find anyone living there who's suffered the years long healing of a 3rd degree burn.

3) The original name had been Antithesis to Freedom Tower.

4) There is a money trail in financing this monstrosity that leads to 19 guys in Saudi Arabia.

5) I’ve got it! A scorned woman designed this. But I’m pretty sure my ex wife is still on the west coast.

6) It's very intelligent design! Those cyborg muscles are actually filled with fire extinguisher foam.

7) The architect knows the screenwriter of the soon to be produced Rosemary’s Baby II.

8) Wrapping was supposed to be removed - only by the owner. Renters inside have been pushing on it.

9) The designer’s name is Damien.

10) What happens when you spend $10 million on Trump building anti aging cream.

11) Sigourney Weaver is living in the penthouse.

12) Those disgusting wrinkles are not for wind shear reduction.

That’s for rocket fuel. That’s how Trump is going to escape Mueller.

13) The skin gets smooth and tight when the building gets taller and harder at night when we can't see it.

14) It is shoving. As if the designer could foresee Trump’s treatment of our allies.

15) Inspired by spending three hours in the shower.

16) Feels like thousands of tiny butterflies to Mrs. Kong.

Mrs. Kong's new toy. Keep her happy.

18) It is a middle finger to Lady Liberty.

“Booo! Move on!”

Sit on it.

19) The TAS has found their first target (Terrorists for Art's Sake).

20) New name: Gentrification Tower.
it's going to knock over those little guys. Kick em out.

21) On opening day the large banner on top read: “F_ck You Bridgers!”

23) Behemoth, rippling monolithic work from the darkness of the minds of architects, designers and city planners of NYC!

24) Designer was a Sherlock Holmes fan. “Something’s afoot Watson!”

25) Got it! This is a time travel thing. It’s Pedal Displacement by Different Humans Choices in Another Timeline!

26) Poster to accompany new New York Tourism campaign: “Go for a long walk in New York!”

27) I know who designed this!

It was after his dunking crucifixes in urine phase. What’s his name?

28) A shining (sort of) testimony to unrefined metals and the slave labor that allowed capitalists to exploit it.

29) A rich person lives at the top of each bubbling ripple. In an emergency they jump through the window, grab on and it peels down to safety.

30) Conclusion: If any #TVproducers want to make a #filmcritic show with one #evilcritic and the other a nice person critic; call me.

31) I'm going to name this new building:

Freedom from Dry Itchy Scaly Burning Feet Tower

Should be approved.

32) This appearance does grow on you.

Seriously. 33 tenants got it already. The dreaded Silver Skin.

33) I’m coming around to it.

It took me years to acknowledge that the Elephant Man could have a loveable face.

34) I’m thinking solutions: to not get killed by the owner . . hmm

Winnebagos - from Florida, attached.

35) I’m thinking solutions so to not get killed by the owner . . hmm

Owner should challenge #spacex to put it in orbit.

36) Owner: I’m stopping this roast of an inanimate object (or is it?) after 100 because billions have to view the beast.

37) Murder!

First ripple was to hide the body. The others were partners that found out during construction. I knew it.


#climatechange image reminds: someone needs to commit to writing the years on buildings so the fish people can see the sea levels recorded.

38) The #architect is a secret online poopaphile.

He took a picture of his champion sized turd and this is what it looks like.

#architects !@! #design #comedy #art

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I am Sick of Vice President Mike Pence's Smile of Denial

1) ☝️  I am aching to smack that Stockholm syndrome smile of denial off of Vice President Mike Pence's face:

2) When you took your campaign manager’s advice and injected your cheekbones with Botox and Viagra mixed together.

3) 8 years after his discovery the politician’s career is still taking off from public use of the vibrating butt plug.

4) I know this face:

The “I’m still listening to you even though I’m engulfed in that awful fart cloud of yours,” face.

 5) The Vice President has had this expression since he overheard that he was selected because he’s shorter.

6) #Bigpharma has just found its next spokesperson for new Clonazepam Silver.

6A) Proceeding tweets: understand please; A comedian is compelled to take the anal route with these captions.

7.20.17 11:34 am: I did not go there.

7) I know this face:

This used to be my waiting face when I was using the exploding cigarette prank.

8) I know this face:

A television news anchor when getting filthy jokes from the production booth.
#comedy #MikePence

9) When you’re 58 years old and thinking how proud your mother would be that your sitting posture is excellent.

10) When there’s no doubt your underarm deodorant is keeping you dry and secure.

11) When you’re positive no one will ever tell a bunch of jokes about your face.

Never ever.

12) When you visited Mount Rushmore a few too many times as a boy.

12-B) When your many visits to Mount Rushmore had a profound effect on your life.

13) When your crafts choice at summer camp was always pottery.

14) When you frequently had to kiss several ugly aunts.

15) I know this face:

After orgasm when you’ve convinced your partner to have sex when they really did not want to.

16) This face:

Typical sole survivor of a horrible crash.

17) Which of these two men is more likely to be into bondage and spankings at home?


18) Something was forming, then poof! Stumped .. hmm

Like it belongs down there like this.

A Pence Head Lap Pillow.
19) Down there - upside down:

Pence Head urinal cakes, auto air-fresheners, eraser heads, Shrinky Dinks . .

#comedy #MikePence


Tweet thread begins with 1:

#comedy #jokes #VPMikePence face. #MikePence #humour #endallsuffering #stopallsuffering

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

King Trump is Here - So Long Democracy

When I see this (video below) I am far further divided from ever being able to communicate and so moderate, with a conservative or a Republican who supports this president's continued office.

The hyper partisanship that will destroy this republic has passed a point of no return.

King Trump has apparently requested an ass kissing session before cabinet meetings. 

Will rewrite and edit this piece - if there is 5 minutes of no BREAKING NEWS because a mob of ill informed people elected a narcissist asshole because they were bamboozled.

The chaos of uncertainty in this pace of destruction will create more suffering than that we can see from this man's existence in the people's house.

This authoritarian (manbaby) and those who support this behavior are pitiful excuses for humans. Shameful. Embarrassing. Where’s the pride? Integrity?
Submission to a #narcissist. Truly pitiful. As if there’s no personal integrity. No pride. Shallow people. Disgusting:

Courtesy of Washington Post:
They are afraid. They are pitiful, weak, cowards. Mattis SAVED his SOUL. The rest of them: FINISHED when the madness is over.

The anxiety ot Tillerson is plain to see. The anxiety of each them, as if having stage fright is visible. It’s disturbing. This is awful.

This is an historic display of what a United States citizen and it’s leaders are not supposed to do. As if we never departed a monarchy 240 years ago. The reason for our independence can be seen in this display of shameful asskissing.

This authoritarian and those who support his existence with this behavior are pitiful excuses for humans. Shameful. Embarrassing.
#kingtrump #authoritarian This is DISGUSTING. They are afraid. They are pitiful, weak, cowards. Mattis SAVED his SOUL. The rest of them: FINISHED!

Ignorance of reality:
Elaine Chow’s delivery; the MOST PITIFUL; “Getting this country moving again. . . working again.” WTF?! AGAIN? It was NOT? Dipshits.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hi Masturbating Lady!

 Alternative title: The Probabilities are Endless
Left: 2003; Manhattan; Chronic Masturbators for Peace!
Right: 2017; Women's March, NYC. 

I was yelling "Armageddon! Armageddon! Get your Armageddon buttons now!"

In the image on the left side, it was fourteen years ago. It is also approximately fifty jokes on social networks about an admitted chronic masturbater who appeared in a selfie I took while marching and selling buttons to fellow Bush haters and try to stop the Iraq war.

I see her again this afternoon while watching the Women’s March in New York City on television, and it appears that she is very near the same location in New York.

Cool. I’ve had far more odd coincidences. I do not consider this to be one. It is likely we share things in common. Not admitting anything! Geeez.

However there she happened to look right into the lens of the camera. Weird? Nah. Can be expected.

It was so cold; you see my hand? See it? It's actually dead. 

Very interesting also, the man to her immediate right in the nowtime image is also walking behind her and to her right in the 14 year old image. 14 years ago he is looking directly at her, possibly concerned for her because he loves her. Yesterday he stands beside her. Both people may live in a place very near this corner. He may be a lover, or a brother or a neighbor or a complete stranger. This is near Trump's Tower of Bullshit.

Next, how to make a pussy hat out of ordinary household items you use everyday!

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