Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:

Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:
The visible allows us ALL to believe with hope in our future. Unless you insist on SHAKING HANDS.�� w #God? #TIME‼️

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer
End All Suffering on Twitter: Watching us again fail to SEE Medicare for All / Single f-ing Payer!

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon
You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per month.


Links to Great Organizations

Links to Great Organizations UNDER CONSTRUCTION, AS ARE WE ALL: 2/11/2016.

We will distribute money to great organizations that are fulfilling the desires of the foundation to End All Suffering.

There are many not for profit groups in the world and in the United States of America - the home community of End All Suffering. I want to find the best and the most efficient and those that need further funding to extend their reach across our community and across this beautiful blue marble.

The lists inclusion is based on charitable giving efficiency and number of those served and on advocacy of issues relevant to the promotion of peace and understanding and all human rights of equality and opportunity in the nearby community of End All Suffering and worldwide. “Opportunity,” includes educational organizations and civil and human rights organizations. Because End All Suffering strongly supports advancements in science education on Earth, those educational organizations are included.

News organizations:

These news organizations strive to collect and disseminate news in an honest and probing manner and provide alternative viewpoints when a news story is controversial:

British Broadcasting Network:

Al Jazeera & Jazeera America:

MSNBC and NBC News:

Reuters News Service:

National Public Radio:


End All Suffering likes the organizations listed below. This list is in no order of priority of giving. This list does not discriminate from any efficient organization that is pushing particular social or political (or controversial) bent or particular issue. The only discriminate manner of distributions of donations is: If they are moving towards the End of All Suffering and they advocate in a “classy,” and professional manner then they likely will be advocated for and receive the distribution of End All Suffering donations.

For example the United Nations is thought by many paranoid people to be a precursor to a “One world government liberal takeover of the Earth.” Is that vision so bad? Is the Earth supposed to operate for centuries into our future as nearly 300 individual governments, filled with narcissistic leaders all wanting different outcomes? That is kind of present day and conservative thinking that does not contain progressive thought processes. But that thinking will not stop End All Suffering from using the United Nations and their many charitable sub-organizations as an efficient manner of giving where that giving does the most good.  In another example: the Salvation Army and the YMCA were initially Christian based charities and in many centers of those organizations, those volunteering and working there are still very much adhering to principles and moral conduct known to be consistent with the European and western hemisphere Christian ethic. That’s fine with End All Suffering because they are positively progressive in their goodness delivered to millions of people.

In an opposing example: if a charity is allowing pictures of human fetuses in jars on their social networks or webpages, that won’t be tolerated as a group that End All Suffering can support. Classy advocacy, efficiency, and well organized charitable giving takes precedence in the choice of distribution.

Charities of the Earth please use the contact form to request your organization be on our list. Someone will both investigate and contact you regarding any particulars of your listing you would like to see here.

List forthcoming as of 2/11/2016:

In build: 2/15/2016:

Charitable Organizations: 

If efficiency is above 83% and need is strong they get donations. If a crisis of a particular nature is current, that efficiency rating is forsaken for priority of choice in giving if that charity is close to that crisis.

End All Suffering does not favor income tax deductions for giving, however many of these charities offer an Internal Revenue Service annual income tax deduction for donations. As a company End All Suffering will always pay a annual income tax equivalent to an American Plumber (James was a plumber) who is a primary income source for a married family with 2 children. We will file those income tax deductions from those charities but that will not prevent us from paying our taxes as that Plumber’s family.

These efficiency ratings were reported from Forbes and used on 2/15/2016

There are official mission statements below each website listing.

“The U.S. Fund for UNICEF supports UNICEF's work, and other efforts in support of the world's children, through fundraising, advocacy and education in the United States.
UNICEF does whatever it takes to save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. Forty years ago, UNICEF figured out that promoting simple, low-cost interventions like hand washing and breastfeeding could save millions of lives. Undaunted by war or geography, UNICEF delivers.”

Salvation Army: 90%

Red Crescent:
The IFRC vision: To inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote at all times all forms of humanitarian activities by National Societies, with a view to preventing and alleviating human suffering, and thereby contributing to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and peace in the world.

Habitat for Humanity International: http://habitat-for-humanity-international/
Boy and Girls Club of America:
United Way: 91%
Doctors Without Borders   91%
Nature Conservancy  85%

Educational Giving: