Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:

Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:
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End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer
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You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon
You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per month.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Whirlpool of Socio Economic Despair and the Average Donald Trump Supporter


This image portrays a well documented social concept in metaphor, as a constantly churning cycle that feeds a liquid spiral of our population down into a dark pit at the bottom of an unstoppable whirlpool of socio-economic despair that continues as if a function of nature. I made this image more than 15 years ago and this cycle remains today and it must be broken. But few in our busy society have taken the time to understand it is representing a causality in reason that can be addressed.

The graphic metaphor in summary: In a wealthy society that has resources enough but does not recognize the best use of those resources, if large numbers of children receive a poor education they will very likely live a life of poverty and be unable to earn enough in any given year to escape the many facets of life that lead to a feeling of desperation as the ever constant emotion of despair. In their despair, many will turn to dishonesty as crime to cheat the life they are disgusted with living and cannot see a reasonable and viable methodology of escaping.  Impulsively, society will then spend a great deal of money locking them up. That spending becomes the liquid that pulls by gravity with equal force as the momentum of crime behind it pushes it along. That money is lost and can not be used to address the causality of that crime that is the inevitable result of poor education. Poor education continues. They spiral persists. Poverty follows.

It was a lack of formal and public education that in 1787 was not seen by our supposedly brilliant “founders,” as being necessary for the security of a free state of free people. It was decades before the first cities in the new United States chose to publicly fund a school system. It was longer than a century before we recognized that African Americans must have a legally enforced right to that education as well. We still suffer because of this lack of foresight by privileged landowners, and slave owners who had very economic reasons for wanting us to be free.

In this graphic there are two metaphors of two entwined concepts: it is only our perspective from a distance (a stand-off position) that causes the center of the spiral to appear to be smaller. That small size is the size of the issue to the general population. That small size is also a cause of our segregation of those caught in the spiral away from our better functioning members of society. If a society were a person it might say:

“If it appears small we won’t have to face it. We won’t feel constantly guilty for our inability to share the opportunity of education with all as equals.”

A liberal in the United States of America knows of this whirlpool. A liberal knows that it begins with a poor educational system that does not favor equality of opportunity for every single citizen child in our country. Too many of the wealthy deny it exists.

If we want to see a good example of the demographic of who those people are, then we not look any further than at the audience of angry people who feel they should support the empty rhetorical campaign for president of the United States of America of billionaire real estate mogul Donald J. Trump.

There are millions of Donald Trump supporters who, if locked inside of a room with a well informed  liberal activist and so forced to listen to the explanations of this metaphor  would eventually understand this well-documented concept. They won’t like that they are listening to bleeding heart liberal but they would eventually agree that this spiral begins with education.

Donald J. Trump got a great education even though for most of the years of his primary education he treated those years as if that education could be forsaken as if it were a natural part of life.

But it was a natural part of life for the spoiled brats of the greedy land owners and landlords living in white male metropolis privilege clicks, as was the environment that Donald Trump’s father was living in while he became a millionaire in the 1950’s.

In this context, it is no coincidence that the majority of Trump supporters do not have higher education. It fits the pattern of this metaphor and it fits that Donald Trump would deny this causality as one of the privileged participants of a forsaken as an expectation of life,  higher educational system.

What is Donald Trump’s answer to stopping this whirlpool? It does not exist. He would deny that this very liberal metaphor is a causality of the very anger that the minions who are enthused by his reasonless campaign for president of the United States express with shouts and yelling of vitriol at the many public campaign events he has held.

Readers: If you know a Trump supporter try to get them into that room and lock the door behind you. Appeal to their anger. Let them know you understand how they feel before explaining your opinion of why they feel the way they do. They are hard working people. They each know someone who is either vastly underemployed or still unemployed from the near depression we suffered beginning in the Bush year of 2007. Empathize with them first. Maintain that empathy during the expression of your opinion as to why they have that anger. Let them know some facts like the fact that immigration into the United States has turned around. That the rich have been getting richer for decades while people like they are have continued to grow poorer. If you have read this far into this essay, you know what to say because you were already an informed liberal with empathy and understanding of causality of our whirlpool of despair.

By James Gray Mason for End All Suffering.
All Rights Reserved: James Gray Mason / End All Suffering, 2016.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Weekend in the United States of Guns

6/12/2016 1:02 pm -5:
The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida; our worse mass shooting to date. It was only a matter of time! Disgusting HATE was LIKELY the causality of the shooter's anger. We can all be angry about something. But we are surrounded by EASY tools designed to kill people. GO FIGURE! Our behavior of anger must be expressed peacefully ALWAYS.* Monkeys with tools that can be pointed at any other monkey then just push a monkey button. This is not a CIVILIZED society. Thanks allot NRA ‪#‎assholes‬. You share responsibility for this madness. A mad stabber would have likely only wounded a few. Our gun madness makes this possible, unfortunately. Very sad. We are crying today. I thought this was going to be a happy Sunday. Wrong. - James

Essay from the days after the San Bernardino massacre:

From: December, *after the San Bernardino, California shooting: From the Gun Control Discussion page on G+: Relevant EVERY DAY in the United States of Guns.*

14 lives very easily wiped-out in minutes in California yesterday. Shocked? In disbelief? I’m not. That event in California yesterday was the second mass shooting yesterday. It was one of more than 80 shooting deaths that occurred yesterday in *the United States of Guns.* We won’t hear of the others because they died singly and not with many others in one place at one horrific time.

22 years ago I was fighting hard and risking my life while receiving death threats on an almost regular basis as I had the only pro-gun control website on the world wide web for several years, beginning in 1994. [The image below this post is left-over from those days.] I would drive around a working class city in California with a Handgun Control Inc. bumper sticker on the back of my truck. Gun lovers would get angry and follow me around town, cornering me in front of shopping centers and engage in angry debates with me for up to an hour while security guards would get nervous and merchants would chase us off. For years *“Watch your back Mason!”* was a common line of threat in my email inbox. The FBI would not help me, “We really don’t have any method of dealing with digital media at this time, Mr. Mason, so sorry.” I had no Secret Service protection, no alarm system at home, nothing but my clear knowledge that I was dealing with men who are paranoid cowards at heart, to keep me going as a matter of a gamble of a sacrifice of my own safety for advocacy we were (and still are) greatly lacking.

The beginning of that advocacy was approximately 2 years prior to the sudden surprise of learning my sister had been murdered by her jealous ex-boyfriend who blasted a hole in her head, in her bedroom, with his father’s .38 caliber revolver, that he and his dad and grown up with, having fun a few times a year shooting it at the range together and bonding around the firearm. The little bastard had acted impulsively and used a tool that was very effective and was easily within his reach and snuffed out the life of a beautiful 19-year-old girl, then shot himself dead (thankfully).

I was lucky in that misfortune. I had only just learned I had a sister I had never even met, prior to minutes later, over the phone long distance with my never met father that she had been ripped away from my father’s and her mother and her family’s lives. Because of this forced detachment from the time I was an infant I was more angry than heartbroken. I would never know her. I would learn of her from stories about her and family video tapes and old pictures. My abandonment by my biological father had spared me great heartbreak. Hearing from my father that he had to scrape the remains of her brain matter off of her bedroom wall is the most shocking and grounding image I have to carry. Many hundreds of thousands of my fellow Americans have to carry imagery like that around with them daily, with clearer and more lasting emotional effect than I have to.

Tina. Shot dead at 19 years old. The sister I never got to meet.
A jealous ex boyfriend killed her while he was experiencing a very typical emotion and had access to a tool designed to kill people and used that tool 
in a manner this IS CONSISTENT with the design of that tool.  

Coincidentally, learning of her death occurred nearly one year after I had become an online advocate for gun control in my community - the United States of America.  Prior to learning of her death, It was online debates on the Prodigy Network where I learned the most about the opposition to gun control. I learned about their psychology. I learned the real reasons they selfishly protect themselves at the expense of all of us while immersed in utter deniability of the mass effect upon us all of their continuing defense of a mythology of a modern interpretation of the politically and very purposefully and vaguely written 2nd amendment to our U.S. Constitution. It was on those early internet online discussion boards where the asshole who later wrote and published a best seller called *More Guns Less Crime,* lost public debate after debate in text exchanges with me. He had learned exactly what not to write in that book and that allowed it to be a big-seller among American gun-nuts. I get no credit of course for teaching him what not to write. What he left-out in that diatribe of denial is what made that book sell.

Rhetoric about gun control appropriate? *Damn straight it is.* Rhetoric is an important tool of communication. Those who communicate well use accurate rhetoric to invoke emotion.

Know this accurate rhetoric: if having more guns in society would make us safer than *we should be the safest society on Earth right now because uniquely there is a legal firearm for every 88 out of 100 citizens in this country.* No other nation has this characteristic.

Know this accurate rhetoric: *If teaching people to handle their guns safely were to prevent them from ever using them wrongly, were any solution to gun violence in America then we should have no crisis of mass deaths by firearms and my sister would still be alive.* The feelings that cause us to use the nearest and most effective tools, to do what our brains in a temporary state of mind decide to do are key in those tools being used.

Know this accurate rhetoric: “Guns don’t kill people, people who use guns kill other people far more effectively and in far greater numbers, with less impulse control necessary and far quicker and so far more frequently than people without easy access to guns.”

Back in the years of the 1990’s I wanted the military style weapons eliminated from legal sale in the United States. I wanted realistic universal background checks throughout the whole country. I wanted electronic smart-gun technology mandated on all new firearms. I wanted gun locks distributed freely to all gun owners. I wanted the cost of all compounds for gunpowder to become very expensive. I wanted everyone to have to wait at least 6 days from the time of buying any gun to the time of physically receiving that gun (we called it back then “A cooling off period.”). I acted to close down traveling gun shows where many young men could buy $55 .25 caliber, small handguns without background checks in the State of California. I wanted all so called, “Gun Shows,” eliminated. Today we have watered-down waiting periods. We don’t seek a “cooling off period.” We have free right of travel from one state to another where millions of automobiles carry within them the legally purchased firearms from one state to another. We have idiots on the anti-gun control side who ignorantly point to cities and states with some (weak) gun control and say moronic things like “See, Chicago has gun control and it doesn’t work!” We have glorified the assault weapon far more than ever before and they reign in their popularity now. We still allow non-licensed (to sell) gun owners to sell their own used guns freely. We have a Supreme Court of the United States that had cast a very modernistic and political interpretation of an amendment that was originally written to protect the right of the States to keep their “Well regulated militias . . “ armed. That is the subject of the entire amendment. The end of that sentence is empty and political rhetoric that was cleverly designed to appeal to a hugely illiterate population in order to get the states to agree to ratify those first 10 amendments to our constitution. Look it up, please.

Is immediately after another one of many horrific acts of domestic terrorism by firearms an appropriate time for a gun control advocate to speak up loudly - *you’re damn straight it is because we are busy and selfish  news consumers.* We move on too quickly. We mourn the lost very quickly and we cower from selfish assholes who put forth the idea that a badly written constitutional amendment is some kind of religious and so sacrosanct credo that cannot be violated. We wimp-out in denial and fear of political upset.

Those two idiots in California yesterday represent a horrible condition in the United States. Workplace anger? We all have that. Most of us don’t pack assault rifles in our homes and then fantasize about blowing-people-away.

Accurate rhetoric: Everyone of us, every man and woman and even children, are capable of experiencing a time in our lives when we would use any tool near us for it’s purpose. So singling out those most likely (statistically) to use a gun wrong is ridiculous. It doesn’t work. The mayhem continues. Far more of that every day gun violence occurs from those who have no record and no indication by those around them that they would kill another. That is a cold hard fact.
In a crowded and complex society the people cannot keep tools of death away from people who at sometime in their lives are going to experience nearly each and every one of the literal definitions of conditions described in the above collage. There are hundreds of other very typical conditions that are similar and each of us will have one or more of them, perhaps multiple times in our lifetimes.

All rights reserved: James G. Mason for End All Suffering, December, 2015, February, 2016.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sexual Harassment by Manpigs in Public and Courtly Love

First: As a graphic and emotional example, of how many women feel about public sexual harassment, and all sexual behavior in public directed at them: On the subway one day, a couple of years ago, Nicola Briggs, suffered a visual, in person, sexual assault from a pervert flasher. She reacted in a manner appropriate (I wish more women would have her reaction - I would defend her right to do so, immediately). Ms. Briggs has since used this experience toward positive action, teaching women to defend themselves in public, and speaking frequently on the issue. Video taken by passengers went viral and the man was arrested and placed on a sexual predator public directory:

Nicola Briggs: “Then I see his penis out.”

Second: A public experiment that shows us an example of here in the United States (in some other cultures it’s far more blatant and actually accepted by the male population): A heroic young man who is sensitive to this assault on women and two young women who present themselves as prey for an important social experiment. It's also viewed and accepted differently in sub-cultures within the United States.

Video: One molester, two women. 

Third: The video that inspired this essay, a new video produced with purpose to expose public sexual harassment is getting a great response from the public at this time:

10 hours of walking in New York City:

In discussions of this recent video women seem in majority agreement that this is harassment that is offending and so harmful to the feelings of women and girls. There are more than 30 videos of people, mostly men discussing their viewpoint of this experiment. Many men opining on this video presentation are commenters downplaying the significance or harm of this cat-calling and teasing gestures, even the frequent persistent coy and devilish smiling as has been included as harassing behavior in this video. The men are in agreement: “What’s the big deal?”

But be advised men and boy readers: We can not just consider their feelings vaguely or broadly. Try to understand that for the women it is an assaulting challenge on overall self-esteem to experience this every day.

It is as you are followed by the store detective every time you go into a department store. Because you look like a shoplifter in the shallow profiling judgment of some security guard.

A long term hurtful perception from this behavior is developed. We call the victims stigmatized. While your sister is walking, your daughter, your mother she is attempting to maintain pride in who they are, and protect their level of dignity. Self-esteem allows positive emotions like pride and dignity are traits we all try to maintain all day-long.

Men, think about your own pride and self-esteem, and imagine yourself on the other side of this behavior. The behavior invokes the persistent feeling of having to live while stigmatized. A self-esteem defeating condition to have to live with. We men don't want to live with it, why dish-it-out? Unless you're just a selfish and shallow a**hole.

By the way, women are getting armed and training for close encounters with sidewalk a**holes. Stop the cat-calls and the jeers, and passing greetings of animistic sexual barbs. It may be the practical thing to do.


How to Greet Beautiful Women in Public Using the Mannerisms of Courtly Love:

I want to encourage men and boys toward a new manner of getting a beautiful woman’s attention in public. I find it to be courteous, pleasant, dignified, friendly and far more likely to receive a pleasant reply.

Here’s my take: The background I speak from; I must confess before I go on further with my experience in getting the attention of a woman: I’m a handsome guy from afar and up close. Many guys are not blessed with a face that melts hearts at first glance and that can be a handicap when trying to meet a woman in the public environment.  To my disadvantage I have actually denied my appearance as handsome or “cute,” for most of my life. As I disbelieved persistently that attraction to my appearance was a factor in the many times a girl or a woman made first advances by flirting communications toward me. I have walked away from at least ten (probably many more) opportunities to further a chance meeting into a romantic relationship, completely unknown to me while I was being hit-on by an attractive girl or woman. Because of my under appreciation for the face I genetically inherited and my (false) low self-esteem in this important area of human interaction in life I have allowed myself to collect remorseful memories of several of these encounters where I later realized “I blew-it.”

James Gray Mason.jpg

The author: The heart breaker face that did not know it - many times.

My mother was a feminist in the late 1960’s and into her life. As a boy I was dragged along to her weekly and sometimes bi-weekly Women’s Liberation Front meetings. Where I was bored by the apparent gaggles of women who were voicing their disgust with being treated by men as a lower status of a person. They were clearly angry and full of complaints and on the verge of being ready to take-up arms. But I was a little boy and so paid scant attention to their pleas for equality. However, my mother explained the issue to me once or twice during those days and so I shared in her passion, but only casually because I was a hyperactive little boy.

Mommy's' little feminist of the future. 1968.
Use Courtly Love

Aretha Franklin was not just singing pretty sounding words, when she reminded us all "A little respect," is all it takes. Constant respect in romantic or admiration behavior is the basic premise of Courtly Love.

In the public as an attractive woman approaches my location I seek a moment in the timing of her approach that will likely catch her eye. When that tiny moment arrives I always wave (not excitedly) and smile pleasantly and say in an upbeat intonation (mid or high C note) “Hi” or “Hello.” Nothing is sexual about it except for your own secret intention. I hope to convey to her the feeling of being addressed by someone “Who would be grateful to know me.” This impression is often a priority for a woman. Don't forget this men, boys, lesbian or bi-sexual women and girls.

Guys seriously: You are far more likely to get a return smile and a wave for your efforts in this manner than those cat calls will ever get you. Or by doing something foolish like spontaneously flattering her hair or shoes. Because she's then thinking "What the f--k do men know about hair and shoes? What an a**hole!” Sometimes this is received as disarming to a woman's natural defensive persona while in public. Seen as distinctly different from a confrontation or a sexual threat. I get a pleasant return for my brief investment at a chance at love. Sometimes the pretty woman will reply quickly, seemingly impulsively, and wave back and smile. I just recently received a pleasant return wave and smile from a pretty girl, from over 150 feet away, on the other side of grassy common, in eastern Connecticut. And that is rare in New England.

I was motivated to adopt this public approach upon having a realization as a 17-year-old, at a time when I was feeling very lonely. I had developed a social phobia. I impulsively launched into a nervous panic when faced with a beautiful girl or woman who I would feel could be a romantic and or sexual prospect (it is fear of failure). I remember one day deciding positively that the chances of just running-into a beautiful woman and meeting her in a comfortable and natural context, where I felt more confident, were odds almost as bad as those of winning the lottery. So I resolved at that time that I would always attempt to wave and say "Hi," to catch the eye and attention of a beautiful woman or girl. I would not deny myself the opportunity of being in love with an attractive partner.

Courtly Love. A 12th-century European adaptation, inspired by poets and troubadours of the many kingdoms. One day a new queen carried to her court, and proclaimed it be practiced, in her own ways:

Courtly love (or fine amor) was a medieval European literary conception of love that emphasized nobility and chivalry. Medieval literature is filled with examples of knights setting out on adventures and performing various services for ladies because of their "courtly love". This kind of love is originally a literary fiction created for the entertainment of the nobility, but as time passed, these ideas about love changed and attracted a larger audience. In the high Middle Ages a "game of love" developed around these ideas as a set of social practices. "Loving nobly" was considered to be an enriching and improving practice.[1][2]
Courtly love began in the ducal and princely courts of Aquitaine, Provence, Champagne, ducal Burgundy and the Norman Kingdom of Sicily[3] at the end of the eleventh century. In essence, courtly love was an experience between erotic desire and spiritual attainment that now seems contradictory as "a love at once illicit and morally elevating, passionate and disciplined, humiliating and exalting, human and transcendent".[4]
The term "courtly love" was first popularized by Gaston Paris in 1883, and has since come under a wide variety of definitions and uses, even being dismissed as nineteenth-century romantic fiction. Its interpretation, origins and influences continue to be a matter of critical debate.

God Speed! by Edmund Blair Leighton, 1900: a late Victorian view of a lady of the Court giving a favor to a knight about to do battle.
It’s different in different cultures.

To my experience, of living in three subcultures of this country - women react differently in public to a kind or pleasant greeting, or visual confrontation from a man, soft or light or even seemingly sexual, in different regions with differing cultural norms, of this country, and it is true in the world (as is seen in the 2nd video).

In Maryland where I grew to a young man, once I adopted my new method of greeting in attempting to make contact with a new beautiful woman, I could usually get a reply wave and often a “Hello,” in response to my kind, innocent in presentation, greetings. Even if delivered while driving my car past a beautiful woman. After moving to Massachusetts, I received one, one sunny day in Boston, in the entirety of living there for more than 10 years. I remember joking to the man I was traveling with “She must be from California.” I used to say to my male friends “They’re like walking refrigerators; they react as if I’m presumed to be a masher.” In that region of this country, even a friendly approach is likely dismissed and ignored, although heard clearly, as likely sexually motivated taunt that would result in harm, or “knowing some pig.”

In the south, in Louisiana where I lived, and in Georgia, and in Florida, a pleasant return can be expected, but not always. But when I left Massachusetts for the wilds of California, at age 30, I soon discovered a reply was common. Even a beautiful woman only hearing my greeting, may turn to smile and wave back, she’ll wave her hand behind her in the air above her, seemingly grateful, as she goes about her life. But that's California a.k.a fantasy-land. And men, if you're wondering if it's true, that women and girls are more beautiful in California, I tell you now, it's really true.

Copyright Reserved, James Gray Mason / End All Suffering, November, 2014, 2-2016,

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The National Academy of Community Policing an Idea whats Time has Come

Time to get serious about who our law enforcement officers are and get serious about a national standard for their training.

Addendum, May 2020; I am no longer in favor of the government creating new, uniform, and large university style colleges for Community Policing, to make great humans into great cops and distribute them as needed to finally have proper, civil, and controlled temperament police officers. I now want robot cops. We can build them now. To hell with this attempt at correcting humans in matters this important and complex, we need artificial intelligence in robots for all public safety and service jobs. The doctors too! They are such assholes.

Robocop, 1987

The police should never be considered by any citizen to be an instant threat to their freedom and safety - if they are generally following the law. A cop should never have (or feel) he or she  needs to have the ever present feeling that each day may be his or her last day on Earth. No civilly legal confrontation with a cop needs to invoke a reaction of fear in anyone who feels they were following the law. Time for a standard and national and long lasting solution that addresses these needs NOW. Great people who become great cops. The catchphrase of a philosophy that we all need to now embrace as key to creating a standard of policing that is shared by every community. A catchphrase that speaks to our failure in our past of not realizing this. In our past ignorance, it was our subconsciously lowered value of the lives of those who would harm us or steal from us (“those criminal types!”) that has allowed our collective to allow far too many exceptions as to the type of people we are allowing to become cops. It’s a job that (definitely) not anyone can do. It’s a service that is dangerous in a nation that is flooded with a barely regulated consumer product designed to kill others. It’s a job that requires full knowledge of the life and death circumstances that must be accepted before each new shift begins.

How long are we going to allow regular people to become cops without first making sure they are great people? The answer of likelihood: Perhaps never if we allow the current direction and old standard of hiring all police to be a mishmash of individual community’s standards. Including, continuing to allow privatized police officer schools to operate and flourish. Including having individual state justice department's use many standards of acceptance such as “Has had firearms experience in the military.” Or, “Worked as a volunteer with the local Sheriff's department.” Or, “Says “He/she really wants to help people.””

We can’t possibly know who these cop “Wanna be’s” are inside themselves. We can’t possibly know all of their past behaviors that would reveal what they may be capable of, years later when adapted to the dangerous and dynamism of thousands of personal situations they will be in. We can’t possibly predict what type of person that genuinely a cop will become after years of service on-the-street.

The role of a peace officer has been taken too lightly. We in the United States are some of the most impulsive and violent people on the planet. Our freedom results in this national personal we have become. We have among us nearly 290,000,000 firearms of all sizes and capacities floating about in private hands, uniquely when compared to all other post-industrial societies on Earth. We have a media which portrays frequently; people using violence to solve problems of domestic complexity. Most of us are capable of experiencing a temporary (or chronic) mental state that any good psychologist would agree “Needs to be addressed!”
It is time to begin a shutdown of every single police academy in this country and convert that system to an agreed upon national standard of complete training that awards a degree of excellence to every single cop in every single community in our larger community. Standards are the problem. Standards that are too relaxed or completely missing are what need to be taught to every single person who is charged with the responsibility of maintaining our safety and upholding law and order. The time to think about this was about 230 years ago unfortunately as is the case with so many problems within the United States. We have a mess of missing standards. Solution time:

Many of us in the United States are of the opinion that local is always better.  As if a government that has a geographic center, in Washington D.C., cannot possibly know how to deal with an issue in Kentucky for instance. If you are a person who has had difficulty with the bureaucracy of a federal institution you may have adopted the opinion that locally is better in all things. I am of the former school of thought when looking at all the very local incidents that indicate what needs fixing in the United States. I am a “nationalist,” one might say. I am so because I have lived in five states as a citizen and I see the same problems in every state. I see that local standards are slightly different in almost any way they can be where the United States constitution allows for difference of standards, mostly in the justice system, are allowed to exist. Criminal justice is a stark example at this time and it has always been since the inception of this confederation of states.

What we have in our criminal justice system in the United States is discrepancies in standards. Standards of both the rule of law and in the training of those whose careers are to uphold the rule of law. As a citizen of any economic walk-of-life in the United States It would be comforting to know exactly what to expect from one state to another or one county or one city to another. All of the cases of seemingly unlawful conduct by our law officers that we read about and watch on television news reporting are vast discrepancies of a missing standard of the enforcement of the law, spread out across this country.
A National Academy of Community Policing could bring about a standard of law enforcement that is a high degree of behavior that we citizens can all learn about and so know what to expect in every dangerous or every friendly confrontation with a law officer. It should be behavior of the cop and behavior of the citizen that we learn about beginning in grade school. We would be safer. Our cops could become people from whom we all know what to expect. A cop could then have a high and reasonable expectation that that a seemingly unruly citizen has learned this standard of expectation. A standard of behavior on both sides of the law is missing. If you do not see this, you have not been observing and then thinking about what is missing. Standards make us safer. Behavior that is taught is behavior that can be reasonably expected.
Here are some leading questions of which you probably have a reasonable answer:
How does a child with a toy gun behave when a police car is approaching and the cops are vocally yelling something at him or her?
What exactly can a motorist expect if he or she does not fully cooperate with a cop during the short time they are being confronted with the accusation of having made a traffic violation?
Is the life of any single citizen more valuable to any community than the life of any single law enforcement officer?
Should a law enforcement officer be expected to endanger his body when controlling a situation? Should a cop use his or her electric Taser or a club or use basic hand-to-hand combat training to “arrest,” or calm a situation when an emotionally distraught citizen is wielding a baseball bat yet know one has yet been harmed? Shoot to kill and ask questions later? Shoot to wound and ask questions later?
Should a state-sponsored prosecutor be the sole guardian and arbiter of a grand jury process when a prosecutor is a career-long friend of a local police department?

My proposal requires we all see that the absence of standardization that focuses on “Great people before great cops,” has led us to have 120,000 cops of too many poorly trained people conducting too many civil rights violations upon citizens. I will not present evidence of this condition here. That evidence only needs to be seen and heard in nearly any city newspaper or electronic media in our community today.

Enter: the National Academy of Community Policing. A vision of what the founders of this country would likely have written into our Articles of Confederation as integral to a peaceful society that uses a centralized government. If they had a time travel visual device with them in 1776. It is our task to use modernity correctly to adapt those founder’s dream to fit what they could not see - in our future.

Imagine please: fifty of these academies of excellence distributed throughout the United States. An applicant to this academy has to be tested to get in. He or she will have to have completed many prerequisite courses, that are strongly emphasizing the study of the humanities, to have his or her application even looked at by academy admissions officers. Once in, the real study begins. The first year of training focusing solely on the peaceful and constitutional treatment of citizens. The psychology of people in a complex society, in variable types of local economies, will be taught and tested for. Several students may be booted-out after the first year as testing will be stringent and frequent and tough.

Year two will be all policing. Full training of the correct methodology of dealing with all kinds of citizens. Field training that is closely supervised. A daily - six days per week, and weekend days, a regimen of people training and the intense grooming of themselves to be the great people they were tested in to indicate they were prior to the Academy.

For a graduate of this proposed 2-year degree of excellence: Pride they earned like few civil servants ever get to experience. A certificate of graduation they will honor and be very proud of the rest of their lives. A degree of excellence proven they will never want to dishonor. A memory of mentors who taught them during the most memorable two years of their lives. The knowledge and clear confidence that they know the people of their community’s better than nearly anyone else.

They will be cops that most anyone of any level of society will have confidence and no fear of talking to on the street or at their car’s driver’s side door at any hour of the day.

The federal government needs to do this soon. Waiting and hoping that individual states and counties will incorporate true constitutional training and methods that train great people before attempting to train great cops - is something we don’t have the time for. That slowly evolving idea would take decades of the typical pattern of the citizens of the United States discovering what will be needed, and that is is needed at all.

The first several years of graduates should be in hot demand by every municipality. Those early graduates will have the ability to rise in their communities to become leaders of the community. They will be first to be considered a great choice of Chief of Police, the Head Sheriff, the Commissioner, the sergeant, the captain of the precinct and so forth. After several thousand of these graduates hit the streets their value to their first served communities will become clear. We will then see funding for their continued hiring and placement increased. As citizens of one big nation, we will see the value of funding them from a centralized source. We will quickly agree this is money well worth it. We will begin to unafraid of a police confrontation. We will be confident and safe from fear of people we should never have been afraid of to begin with - the founders of this experiment in democracy had had a time travel visualization device when the concocted this great idea.


Baltimore PD has gotten its ass reamed by the Justice Department. A systemic and almost innate pattern of bad policing and bigoted and discriminatory behavior has been documented well. 

A community cannot trust the police when these behaviors are recognized by them. When there is no trust, fighting crime with the help of the community is nearly lost. 

If there had existed several National Academies of Community Policing, there would be 2,000 graduates ready to replace the bulk of the entire Baltimore Police department and ready now. Unfortunately, the later solution is truly the only to correct this ingrained mess in that department. Change needs to happen fast in Baltimore. Not creeping adjustments, trying to teach thousands of experienced cops to have empathy and revert from their pattern of behavior is futile and will cause the people to not recognize the change because it will appear slow and there will be many who don't recognize the change, due to a slow and adaptive speed of change. We can't beat the ingrained psychology of these cops. Can't happen. Does not happen in the case of ANY human trapped in a pattern of bad behavior.

They must ALL BE REPLACED. All of them. Every officer, every chief, every sergent. I have no confidence that any other slow and adaptive way can fix the mess there. The entire department has to be REPLACED. Every single one of them. All of them.

Next: the clear need for real Traffic Cops. Cops who are not armed towers of fear invoking, armored gun wielding people - who have no other business than addressing your traffic or vehicle behavior and compliance with rules of the road. Or; people who cannot turn your traffic stop into a violent confrontation on the side of the road - unless they first back-off and call a graduate of the National Academy of Community Policing.

Law and Order Broken
 by James Gray Mason, 2015. 

You are understood #MilwakeeUnrest. Your lives are invaluable.

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All Rights Reserved, End All Suffering / James Gray Mason, 2015.

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