Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:

Definitely / Multiple validated / Fully publicly documented: a message:
The visible allows us ALL to believe with hope in our future. Unless you insist on SHAKING HANDS.�� w #God? #TIME‼️

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer

End All Suffering on Twitter: Single payer
End All Suffering on Twitter: Watching us again fail to SEE Medicare for All / Single f-ing Payer!

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon

You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per mon
You're going to the ISLAND as*hole! The whole pack of you. We'll drop live chickens 2 times per month.


Friday, April 3, 2020

The Corona Virus and COVID 19 Pandemic is Here

NOTES AND TWEETS dump. Descending into the past:
Total of BUMMER: countless

Deaths in my community 6250 to date 04.02.2020

I am James Gray Mason and am alive today and feel fine, and still social distancing. As usual. 

News and information links below are safe and reliable mainstream organizations, a couple of non profits - who work hard to get it right; New York Times, BBC, Washington Post, CDC, WHO, UN and etc..


Coronavirus AntibodyTesting has to be instant for assurance, safety, comfort in society.

Now, due to the behavior of the virus, a number of identified cases should be subtracted from that of the entire community, the sum should be presumed to be carrying unless displaying a green light on their implant.

🟩 = #ImmunityPass, BACK to WORK, life.

#coronaVirus #Ethics
My folks have both signed an intent letter to forgo ventilators, if in short supply and so would help a younger person to live; a person who may be a child rapist, who knows!?

Patient Has Virus and Serious Cancer. Should Doctors Withhold Ventilator?

This #plague has so much irony the virus can be time travel related.

Here’s one, bc rationing care is what insurance companies have been doing to sick and dying patients for decades:

Ventilators and life saving equipment in short supply (like your money) WILL be RATIONED.


The silent slaughter continues.

Not surprising, CT hospitals will hire anybody w/a degree from anyplace:

“In #Connecticut, a six-week-old baby has died from corona virus, believed to be America's youngest victim of the virus so far.”


@EndAllSuffering aka Me. Timeline B Primary Singularity (got here first, long story, not to be proud of thing to do with time travel). 

I was in micro about 25-years ago and this refresher is a great quick update.
If you want to fight a species know how it reproduces! 
Have knowledge, lose fear:

Molecular Biology Simplified (DNA, RNA, Protein Synth...
_A via @YouTube

Americans are told to brace for “very, very painful” period, and U.N. says virus threatens global stability. 

Coronavirus Live Updates: Humanity Faces Gravest Challenge Since World War II, U.N. Says

Compared to many plagues of the past, now that everybody can read, and organized school systems exist, the HUMANITIES, i.e. ethics and morals, psychology, sociology, and more the world can learn from the #Pandemic, CAN BE FANTASTIC for #theFuture.
BION, that's #goodnews.


After 9/11/01, I did not label Rudy Giuliani a hero for immediately working hard to manage his city and not hiding in an undisclosed hotel room.

I saw a professional doing what they were expected to.

I did say "Now, there's a mayor!"

In #theFuture, most of the humans you see working in healthcare will be machines and true life AI's.

The majority of careers in healthcare will be technical, “screwdrivers.” 


I mean, for one, we can't afford these people.


In wartime, a deserter flees when they are not being watched. 

A hero is conducting a selfless act and does not care that they are surrounded by peers and can be counted on to act when nobody is watching. 

Every #


Want to be angry at the right target audience at the right time??

Now, make healthcare workers THINK about decades of the thousands of their peers before them demanding more and more pay and profits and failing to realize the cost to society. 

In #theFuture, most of the humans you see working in healthcare will be machines and true life AI's.
The majority of careers in healthcare will be technical, screwdrivers technology.
I mean, for one, we can't afford these people.


Good news! :-| 

"CDC found that, of people requiring admission to an intensive care unit, 78% had at least one underlying health condition."

#coronavirusUSN, omg,

I think we have 16-other Aircraft Carriers? This 1 won’t be ready status.

“Crozier (captain) recommends removing 90% of the crew and isolating them ashore for two weeks.”

FANTASY on #HealthCareWorkers:

If known at the workplace, not one would refuse to work in close contact to #coronaVirus, and then dare to return to the same job after the outbreak ended.

The audacity!

They won't want to be employed there again, for the shame they'd feel.

2. And, new RN's in Los Angeles are getting $75/hour, for example of motivation.

And, participating means they are being consistent to the lie they told on their medical school/nursing school applications:

  "I just want to help people."

#ReliefPackage / #USABailOut
I'm aware, as a #smallbusiness in the USA a new #RESTAURANT is likely (8 in 10) to fail with NO health crisis, within its first 2-years. And, may be the most difficult new business type to operate in-the-black or profitable.


A #restaurant is one of the most difficult new businesses to make successful = in the black or profitable.

Odd against the small business as a new restaurant are about 1:5 will be closed w/in first 2-years. So, even w/o a national health crisis, likely to fail.

#COVID19 prevention; QUICK adaptation; THANKS to @IGA and all #grocers / #retail doing the same. They’ll stay.

Check-out lane barriers promote safety

These barriers can be made quickly to custom fit most check-out counters by IGA’s Red Oval partner Innomark, or they can even be made yourself. 

#SelfIsolation / #QuarantineLife

You may have done this also; you are eating a greasy finger food, and removing your fingers from your mouth, and imagining (with full color imagery) that you may have just sucked 50,000 tiny Corona viruses down your throat.

Mmm mmm good!

Covering liars live is always a mistake. A whole country can vote wrong because they were listening. It's very dangerous and negligent for any news network to behave that way. 

A 5-minute delay would have allowed networks (the booth) to write corrections in the on screen crawl.


If paying taxes were voluntary there would be little revenue.
Fine, arrest and detain those who don't care enough.


THIS is how to drive a virus to extinction:

" ... now in Maryland and in the District ... they may be detained, fined or even given jail time."

So there’s been a ‘stay-at-home’ order. Here’s what that means for you. 


Hey Chris!
Seems far more hopeful a view of the state of public healthcare than I have. And, seems to presume that after the outbreak (if there is an after ward), that funding and collective will for reforms will exist. I expect a fight by private industry for their existence.

PROFITS are expected to come in for healthcare product and service corporations raking-in the bucks that will be available from the people’s debt for #coronaVirusUSA.

#Strike now, bc when unemployment is +15% you'll work harder for less pay and be grateful for a J-O-B.
“ … to protest the impossible choice of coming to work at a toxic workplace and possibly spreading the virus or going unpaid,"

Eh, I don't like them either, so:

 Liberty University student tests positive for Covid-19 after Falwell reopens campus


Quantum Virus Motion Detectors now number 10,000 in the United States, as many cities have several and many towns have 1. Any microbe unknown or dangerous within 100' of a detector is identified and the public alerted.


The world does not stop on New Year's day 2021, the virus will likley last a few years. So, death toll models should include the total time period of the plague.

Expect 3-4 million dead, in the overall period.

By 2023, everybody will know someone dead by COVID.


The state north of me has 50% less death from their corona virus cases, yet 250% more cases.

Everyone in Massachusetts has healthcare financing, they come forward when others will not.

But, nobody wants to live in Connecticut, too boring.



WRONG TIME to continue to not be MORBID in our speech.

We are habituated to being ALIVELY in our language. WRONG TIME.

@CDC is using " ... those at high risk ... stay inside (etc..)" 

HIGH RISK = those likely to DIE from infection.
 ➡️DEAD!⬅️omg 🙄

Don't Stand So Close; nobody use this song to promote #SocialDistancing.

Because It's about a hornball man teaching at a high school who is worried he's going to lose control and use his d_ck on a minor girl. Pretty disgusting!

Those were the days. 🙄

Never mind what I said in the Tweet below, don't hook your metalic tape measure on their mouths. Listen to the Brits:

#Coronavirus #socialDistancing advice: What two metres looks like - BBC News via @YouTube

When checking social distance space, hook the end of your tape measure on the person's mouth, add .5-in to the center of the mouth, then pull out the tape to 6-ft to the center of your own mouth. Then apologize for cutting the inside of their mouth and run.

Hers's Homer Simpson, TV's lovable idiot Man. He's the guy leaders have to think about in all #pandemic warning language. When speaking literal or casual, the words have to be just right. As if you need a pop culture psychologist, or something. 🙄 He will spread the virus unless.
Thank goodness for intelligent leaders like #Cuomo!
He's leading and he's teaching and controlling population.
And, the Mayors of the USA, BRAVO!
But, 1 correction, the disease #COVID19 KILLS the vulnerable, but CAN ATTACK ANYBODY. Not "attacks vulnerable."

Just have to say, to one of the highest paid professions of assholes in the civilized world;
Thank you all #Physicians everywhere, who are providing desperately needed #Nursing work during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

#AntiSocialDistancing, gets you on the hot list for death of #COVID19.
Stand too close in Singapore, you will be jailed!
Also, protest a Republican Party convention in the USA ......
Look at those Americans Buffoons:

It’s dangerous, not only false as effective today, to consider that Quarantine as a measure of last resort has been a standard of infection control to continue with. 

Experience of COVID-19 may be the miserable rehearsal for a more powerful microbe?
Until technology allows instant testing, while within or using any transportation device that can move a person from one community to another, we must use crude and seemingly insufferable methods.

If they could, the Red Staters might insist that #NewYork, #NewJersey, and #Connecticut stay quarantined.

Some researched info:

" ..the period of time that the city of Venice forced ship passengers and cargo to wait ..."

btw; How many grocery clerks contracted the virus, due to being just over the counter, handling cash and coin with 100's of customers per day? #Heroes

Convenience (death) stores!?

"Thank you. Have a nice day!" 😃
Should get $$$$

Washington Post, and many mainstream papers are offering free reading of their COVID/Corona Virus news and information, so far.

 03.27.2020, at the Washington Post, the paper I grew up with.

Horrible days like this below:

Another one:

03.26.2020 A day to wake up.